Payday Loan by Phone - No Fax Cash Advance

Payday loan by phone is a quick way to get cash advance when you face an emergency financially. Payday loan is a short term loan that is designed to help you get control of your finances during temporary monetary crisis. The loan application is easy. You can simply phone a payday loan lender and have someone on the other end to complete the application form for you. The money can be available in your bank account within the same day or next.

Ways to Get Payday Loans

Quick Cash Loan

There are several ways to obtain fast cash advance through a payday loan. Traditionally, you will have to go to a local loan shop and fill in an application form manually. The downside of this is that you will have to spend time for the trip to the shop. It may become worse if you would have to waste extra time to line up in a queue just to lodge the application form at the counter. There may be several paper works that you would have to enclose along with the application form too. Some of which could be the copy of your driver's license, pay slip stub, electricity bill, etc.

The quickest way is to submit the loan application form online. You simply follow the link at the end of this article to get access to online payday loan companies. You don't need to fax anything as your details are processed online in a secure environment. You can also pick up the phone and have someone from the company to complete the application form for you, but as you are online already why not you enter your details yourself and submit the form easily.

What are the Requirements?

Unlike any other loans, payday loans are issued by financial institutions that are independent of banks or governments agencies. Given that the loans are meant to help people overcome their cash urgency quickly, payday loan companies generally do not ask for complicated requirements. If you are employed, preferably full-time, and paid on a regular basis then you are likely to get an approval for the loan. In addition to that, you must be a US citizen above 18 years old.

Online payday loans also require you to provide your bank account detail in which your salary is deposited into. This is to allow the loan company to wire transfer the funds directly into your bank account. Also they will need to withdraw some amounts for the repayment automatically out of the same account when you are due to pay back the loan.

Payday Loan by Phone - No Fax Cash Advance

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