Turn 100 Dollars Into Thousand - You Can, But Know How?

If you wish to turn 100 dollars into thousand, you could very well do that, but first know the approach you want to take. Methods vary depending on their Returns on Investment, and thus you would need to be clear what you would wish to put this 0 into. Here are some ways explained with their estimated time duration, by which the 0 could swell up to 00.

o If you are a Nutrition Specialist, buy some healthcare foods worth 0. Cook up some recipes at your home and package them well. Promote these recipes to your neighbors as a wellness recipe. Charge them per course. Assume you have sold 20 courses, which would give you a total of 0. This is day 1. Do it for 10 days, and you would be able to make 00 easily.

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o Are there too many kids around in your locality? If yes, you could do something for their recreation. With some open space, you could open up a recreation center for the kids in your locality. Spend up to 0 in improving the space, and throw it open for all kids. Ask the parents of the kids to pay you per entry, which they could use up to a week. Assuming 40 kids enroll with your recreation center, you end up with 00.

o Parents need to drop their kids to school, but just do not have the time to do so. If you have a car, offer to drop their kids and charge the parents a monthly fee of 0. Assume you take 5 kids and drop them to school, that still gives you 00.

You would note the basic nature of these ideas. You have not racked your brains behind some technical concept but merely catered to the needs of people.

Turn 100 Dollars Into Thousand - You Can, But Know How?

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