For Immediate Credit, Choose An Instant Approval Credit Card

There are times when you simply cannot wait the week or more it can take to establish credit and to get a hold of your new credit card. Even with fast approval, it can still take seven to ten days before a nondescript envelope arrives in your mailbox with your new credit card inside. Fortunately, an instant approval credit card could be one way to speed up the process. By applying today you could get immediate approval and have access to your credit line on the spot.

Life's little and big emergencies often require that you have cash on hand or at least enough credit to give the contractor who is to fix your leaking roof the peace of mind that you have the funds available to pay for the job. It could take days for the insurance adjuster to arrive and process your claim, even longer if you live in an area where most of the homes were damaged by a hurricane, tornado, etc. You lined up a contractor but he wants a down payment now, but you are short on funds. What can you do? Apply for an instant approval credit card!

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We live in a society where many decisions must be made almost immediately. Creditors know this and have developed a way for you to apply for a credit card online and receive approval within one or two minutes. This method is accomplished quickly because computers do much of the legwork by pulling up your FICO score to measure your creditworthiness. The higher your score, the more likely you'll be rapidly approved.

One thing to note is that not every "instant approval" credit card will allow you to access your credit line right away. If there is a "flag" in your credit file, you'll be conditionally approved until a human worker can access your credit reports for further information. You may still receive conditional approval, but it could take a few more days for a professional to review your information and to approve your new credit card.

If you do receive instant approval for your credit card application then you could be granted limited access to your credit line until the actual credit card arrives in the mail. This may be all that your contractor needs to know before beginning repairs. Once the credit card is in your possession you'll then have full access to the line of credit determined by the credit card company.

Instant approval credit cards can ease your burdens and strengthen your hand in a difficult situation. Find the Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express card that fits your needs and put your worries behind you.

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For Immediate Credit, Choose An Instant Approval Credit Card

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