Private Lending

Private lending is usually done by specialists who fund ventures which have a higher degree of risk because they have thorough knowledge of the market segment that their money is going to be used in and clearly understand that the increased risk comes with the promise of greater opportunities in making profits.

Private lending requires the same due diligence that any bank or financial institution will conduct, however the criteria are usually less stringent. Private lenders will also ensure that there is a sound business plan, some financial involvement of the people who will be conducting the business, contingency planning, good business ideas, realistic forecasts as well as reputable, knowledgeable and professional people in the management before committing any funds to that business. Private lending is a realistic alternative to bank lending, especially if the latter find the proposals too risky to advance a loan. Moreover, private lenders tend to be more flexible in their approach to the loan repayment schedule and tend to give a patient hearing in case of genuine difficulties being faced by the business and can sometimes provide a wealth of information which may not be normally available to the people running the show, especially if he or she is in the same line of business. Private lending may broadly include venture capitalists and angel investors, however they tend to seek part ownership of the business or representation on the board as well as a say in the daily running of the business. These are activities that a true private lender would not normally get into.

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Private Lending

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